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Tourist Guiding

Drum Beat Academy offers THETA accredited Tourist Guide qualifications as well as other Tourism related courses. These courses will enhance your skills as a Tourist Guide and enable you to interpret our natural and cultural heritage in an interesting informative way. These courses will let you travel throughout South Africa exploring and sharing our country with paying customers both local and international.

Once qualified a Tourist Guide can move from province to province finding employment with tour operators, working as a free lance Tourist Guide, working on private game reserves or at historic cultural sites in the provinces he/she is qualified for. Tourist Guiding is a recognised profession in the tourism sector and a key provider to job creation. Tourist Guiding as a career will let you play a part in the promotion of the diverse cultures, histories and heritage of the peoples of South Africa. Tourist Guiding boosts growth in the regional tourism markets, encouraging local communities to participate in the tourism sector, helping to develop rural communities and offer international and local tourists alike a chance to experience previously unknown tourist attractions, getting a unique local view on the history and culture of the site.

Tourist Guiding is a specialised field that necessitates in depth knowledge, training, study and assessment of a particular area (culture / nature). All Tourist Guides in South Africa are registered with the Provincial Tourism Department. Tourist Guides are only allowed to operate in an area in which they have been trained and for which they have been registered. To register as a Tourist Guide a person must complete one (or more) of the many Tourist Guide qualifications registered with CATHSSETA.

It is important to know that there is a huge difference between a Tour Operator and a Tourist Guide. A Tour Operator is a person / company that make all the arrangements regarding transport, accommodation, tour packages, etc. Basically the Tour Operator is the person that sits in the office and makes all the preparations. A Touris t Guide is the person that guides visitors, for a fee, interpreting cultural and natural heritage and is effectively in charge of the group for the duration of the tour. The Tourist Guide has no part in the organising component of the tour. It is the Tour Operator’s responsibility to organise a well thought out, all inclusive tour package that will entice international as well as local tourists to explore our country from west coast to east coast, Cape Point to the Limpopo river.

Our well thought out training programme will teach you how to conduct a tour, how to research and design your own unique travel experience, how to work well in a team, how to communicate with your customers and how to care for them, how to apply professional ethics, how to comply to legal requirements, and many more interesting and relevant skills. You will also gain knowledge in your chosen field, culture or nature, and learner how to weave our history and heritage in an enticing way for your customers. You will beable to tell stories, divulge facts, identify plants and animals, entertain and dazzle international and local tourists with accurate information on South Africa and all the cultures and elements that form part of our nation. After your theoretical training you will experience the sights and sounds of your local tourist attractions and get a chance to practice your newly gained Tourist Guiding skills and share your increased knowledge with us and the rest of the group.