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Cultural Site Guide

A Cultural Site Guide is a person that conducts short localised tours with an emphasis on cultural wealth, both to enlighten and entertain visitors. South Africa offers many opportunities for international and local tourists as a tourism destination where people can experience a variety of tourism resources and attractions. These guides are generally very well informed about the history of the site and have a broad overview of where it fits into the diverse history of our country. A Cultural Site Guide can operate in one specific site or qualify to work as a competent guide in numerous sites in a given area. A site can be a particular city, cultural centre, monument, museum, village, municipal area, township, battlefield, etc. A Cultural Site Guide can also qualify as a specialised guide in an area that conducts tours such as wine tours around wine estates, walking tours around historically rich towns, cultural food tours through townships, architectural tours in a given city, etc.

Drum Beat Academy offers a CATHSSETA accredited Cultural Site Guide qualification. This skills programme is site specific. This skills programme will enhance your skills as a guide and enable you to find work as a guide at a particular site. This programme is normally presented at the workplace for a group of employed learners. Classes can also be scheduled if there is a big demand from unemployed learners.

Course Content:

Plan a guided experience
Establish needs of tourists
General research of site
Professional ethics
Legal Requirements
Identify cultural resources and heritage sites
Design an itinerary

Conducting a guided cultural tour
Provide customer service
Demonstrate ability to handle problems

Entrance requirements:
Leaner should have a basic comprehension of English
Basic reading, writing and mathematical skills are required

14 days

Practical assessment on Conducting a Guided Experience at a Site
Questionnaire on theory

Drum Beat Academy and CATHSSETA Certificate