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National Certificate in Tourism: Guiding: NQF Level 4

Pretoria 2017



Culture Regional Guide – NQF4

Consists of Culture Regional Guide learning programme, including 1st Province – terms negotiable

R7320.00 cash price

*If paid in instalments Total: R8966.00

Deposit: R5000.00

Balance: R3966.00

Additional Provinces:

2nd Province and all consecutive provinces thereafter

R1750.00 cash price

*If paid in instalments Total: R2100.00

Deposit: R1300.00

Balance: R800.00

SPECIAL OFFER: Culture Regional Guide including 1st province plus 3 provinces of your choice

If the amount is paid in FULL in ONE payment you will receive an extra province FREE

R9020.00 cash price

*If paid in instalments Total: R10824.00

Deposit: R5000.00

Balance: R5824.00

ALL PRICES include VAT. The deposit amount is required on registration (non-refundable) and balance payble as negotiated at the time of registration. Amount to be paid in full at course inception, practical attendance will not be allowed unless fully paid. If the amount is paid in *instalments 20 % increase will be added to the total.

All prices include:
All Assessments and Learning Material.

Cost for First Aid, practical, travelling to and from Drum Beat and registration at the Provincial Registrar for Guides.